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Orbit x Velo

Find your bike with Orbit Velo and Apple Find My

Orbit Velo - the ultimate bicycle tracking device that utilizes Apple Find My. With Orbit Velo, you can track the location of your bike in real-time, ensuring that it is always within reach. Whether you're commuting to work or exploring new trails, Orbit Velo has you covered.

Our compact, waterproof device is easy to install and has a long battery life, so you can track your bike without worrying about running out of power. And with real-time tracking through Apple Find My, you'll always know exactly where your bike is, giving you peace of mind and protection against theft.

Don't let your bike get lost or stolen - order Orbit Velo today and keep your bike safe and secure.

Find your bike with Orbit Velo and Apple Find My

Securely attach your Orbit Velo using the included screws and tool to the bottle holder attachment on your bike. You can even hav your bottle holder on top for extra security.

If your bicycle does not have the bottle attachment, use the included double sided tape or zip tie to secure your Orbit Velo out of sight.

Apple Find My provides an easy secure way to locate your Orbit Velo on a map using the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, or the Find Items app on Apple Watch.

Play a sound to find your Orbit or if it is out of range, hundreds of millions of Apple devices around the world will help track it down. 

Replaceable battery will last up to 3 years.

Requires iOS14.3 or later.

    Length: 75mm / 2.95" 

    Width: 28mm / 1.1" 
    Thickness: 9.5mm / 0.37" 
    Weight: 80g / 2.8oz 

    4 x Screws

    1 x Tool

    1 x 3M double sided adhesive

    2 x Cable ties

    Track your bike