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Orbit Card 2022

Find your wallet, Find your phone and Take a selfie.

As thin as a credit card, slip Orbit Card into any wallet and never lose it again. Making your wallet ring if in range or check its last known GPS location on a map.

At a push of a button on the Orbit Card make your phone ring, even on silent. You can even use it as a selfie remote.

With its long lasting rechargeable battery, you will never need to replace anything!


• Find your wallet

• Find your phone (even on silent)

• Last seen GPS location on a map

• Selfie remote

• Rechargeable battery

• Battery life up to 3 months

• Waterproof (IPX6)

• Separation Alarm

• Built-in 80db speaker

• Free app for iOS and Android

• OrbitNet crowdfinding

• Works with Alexa


Width: 85mm / 3.37" 
Thickness: 1.4mm / 0.05" 
Height: 54mm / 2.08" 
Weight: 10g / 0.38oz 
Compatibility: iPhone 4s and later, Android 5 and above


1 x USB charging cable

Find your wallet, find your phone