What Devices Will the Mighty Purse Work with?

This product is compatible with most smartphones, tab­let or e-reader that use a micro-USB port to recharge.

It is also compatible with Apple® iPhone and iPad using the adapters included.

Please note that generic adapters are included free of charge for your convenience, however there is no guarantee that the adapters will continue to be compatible with the Apple iphone beyond the 5s model or the iOS7 upgrade.

Apple 5s may display the following message on screen when the adaptor is connected to charge the phone: “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iphone.” If you hit the “Dismiss” button the adaptor will not damage or harm your phone or software. It will however charge your phone.

Why Is My Phone Not Charging?

Un-plug and re-plug all connections and adapters.

Charge the Mighty Purse battery by connecting the USB cable located inside the zip pocket above the battery to a USB port (any USB port will charge your phone).

Then, connect the micro-usb cable into the port on your phone or smart device.

For Apple 4 products, you can use the generic adaptor included and attach this to the micro-usb cable before connecting the adaptor to the port on your phone.

For Apple 5s and above you will need to purchase the Apple 5 adaptor from your retailer (that sells Mighty Purse) or from Mighty Purse online, or an Apple store.

The power that is available from USB ports differs depending on their design. For the fastest recharge time, use a USB port from an AC-USB adapter. Alternately connect the battery pack to a USB port which is located on your PC or laptop. Do not recharge using an auxiliary USB port on a keyboard or extension cable.

If you have an iphone 5S or have installed the iOS7 update or beyond, you may require genuine Apple adapters. These can be purchased from an Apple store or from Amazon.

The generic adapters included in your Mighty Purse are free of charge and for your convenience. However, we cannot guarantee that they will continue to work with future Apple versions.

Why Are the Led Lights Not on?

The LED lights are located on the side of the battery pack inside the purse.

The LED lights will illuminate blue when the phone is plugged in to charge. When charging the phone, the last light will flash to indicate that the battery pack is charging the phone.

The LED lights will illuminate blue when the Mighty Purse battery is being recharged via the USB cable.

As the battery pack charges, each light will be illuminated until fully charged indicates all blue lights are illuminated.

If there is no LED lights showing when the phone is plugged in or the USB cable plugged to recharge, the battery is completely devoid of power and will need some time to charge.

Why Is My Phone No Longer Synchronizing with Itunes and Data No Longer Downloading?

When your phone is connected to the Mighty Purse and the Mighty Purse is connected to a computer using a USB cable the phone will not synchronize with iTunes or transfer any data.

What if My Mighty Purse Still Will Not Charge My Phone?

If the blue lights are illuminated when your phone is connected to charge, but your phone won’t charge; it may be that you have adaptors that are no longer compatible with the Apple product or software you are using.

With the introduction of the Apple 5S and the iOS7 upgrade, generic adaptors produced prior to this will no longer work. You can purchase Apple adaptors from your Mighty Purse retailer, from Apple or Amazon or online from Mighty Purse.

If you are using the generic Apple 4 adaptor supplied free of charge by Mighty Purse, or genuine adaptors for Apple 5s and your phone still won’t charge it .may be that the battery you have received is faulty.

You will need to return the Mighty Purse to the place of purchase along with your receipt as proof of purchase.

Once a return authorisation is granted by customer service, The Mighty Purse battery (you can hold on to the purse as the battery is removable) will then be returned to the head office in your country for assessment.

If covered under warranty, you will then be sent a replacement battery, with the cost of the replacement battery and return post at the expense of Handbag Butler.

If you purchased your Mighty Purse from our website, please email info@handbagbutler.com.au.


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