Orbit Powerbank
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Charge, Find, Remind

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Finally, a powerbank with a brain.

With a built-in Orbit, this powerbank will also remind you when it’s time to recharge!

The powerful 5000mAh battery will more than double your battery life ensuring your phone is charged wherever you go. Charge any device with the Orbit powerbank.
In a rush and can't find your powerbank? Make it ring using our free-app to find it seconds. Work it both ways - Press the button on your Orbit powerbank to make your phone ring, even on silent. Your time is precious.
What's the use of a flat powerbank? With the Orbit powerbank, if it's below 30%, we'll remind you to recharge when you get home.
Take a Selfie
No more awkward angled photos! Use your Orbit Powerbank to take the perfect selfie or group shot from 30m/100ft away.
Anodised Aluminium
Available in four stylish colours, there’s bound to be an Orbit to match your phone.
Charge Reminder
Below 30% on your powerbank? No need to worry - Orbit powerbank will remind you when you get home.
Built-in Speaker
Can't spot your Orbit? Make it ring to find it where its hiding.
Find your phone
Find your Powerbank
Separation alert
Last known location
Orbit Net Crowd Finder
Selfie remote
Charge reminder notification
Built-in speaker
Anodised Aluminium
Orbit App
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