Orbit Keys
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Never lose your keys again.

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Find your keys, find your phone

Crafted from anodised aluminium, with waterproof casing and a replaceable battery, Orbit helps you find your keys, find your phone and take a selfie.

Attach it
Ensure you never lose your keys again. Attach this sleek accessory to your keys and ensure peace of mind.
Make it Ring
Can't leave the house because you’ve misplaced your keys? Make them ring using the free-app, to find them instantly.
Can't find your phone? Use your Orbit Keys to make your phone ring, even on silent.
If your keys disconnect from the Bluetooth range (100ft/30m), their last known location will be shown on a map.
Take a Selfie
Using your Orbit as a remote, you can now take the perfect selfie or group shot from 30m/100ft away.
Anodised Aluminium
As your keys are always with you, you should keep them as a modern accessory with twelve colours to work with any ensemble.
Replaceable Battery
No need to throw out your Orbit after the battery runs flat. Just twist and open to replace the battery.
While you won’t be able to scuba dive with your Orbit, it will survive a fall in the bath tub.
Find your phone
Find your keys
Separation alarm
Selfie remote
Last known location
Replaceable battery & life indicator
Built-in speaker
Orbit Net Crowd Finder
Works on iOS & Android
Orbit App
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