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Find everything, Find your phone

Stick it onto your valuables and never lose them again. The included keyring attachment makes it perfect to clip onto your bags or keys.

One less thing to worry about
Orbit Stick-on integrates into your lifestyle seamlessly. Stick it to TV remotes, laptops, backpacks, or anything else to never lose track of your important belongings.
Make it ring
Misplaced your Orbit item? No problems! Make it ring using our free-app to find it instantly. Work it both ways - Press the button on your Orbit Stick-On to make your phone ring, even on silent.
If your Orbit Stick-on disconnects from the Bluetooth range (100ft/30m), their last known location will be shown on a map. Never feel lost again.
Take a Selfie
Take the perfect selfie every time. Use your Orbit Stick-on to take a selfie or group shot from 30m/100ft away.
Keyring Attachment
Stick it to the included keyring attachment and clip it onto anything.
Replaceable Battery
No need to waste money on an Orbit every year. The battery life is 6 months +, when needed, just replace the battery.
Compact Size
As small as a coin, the Orbit Stick-on is a compact size of 1.2” x 1.4”.
Find your phone
Find your stick-on
Separation alarm
Last known location
Orbit Net Crowd Finder
Replaceable battery
Battery up to 6 months
Built-in speaker
Selfie remote
Orbit App
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