Orbit Wallet
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Charge your phone, find your wallet

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The most advanced wallet

Whilst being able to charge your phone on-the-go, with its built-in Orbit, you will never lose your wallet again. Find your phone with your Orbit wallet and never feel forgetful again.

Charge with Your Wallet
Contains a 2500mAh battery – enough to charge more than 1 times over. Works with all micro-USB phones and includes a lightning connector for iPhones.
Make it ring
If your wallet is not in sight, make it ring using our free-app to find it instantly. Work it both ways – press the button on your Orbit Wallet to make your phone ring, even on silent.
If your Orbit Wallet disconnects from the Bluetooth range (100ft/30m), the last known location will be shown on a map.
Take a Selfie
Don't worry about asking a stranger to take your picture; use your Orbit wallet to take the perfect selfie or group shot from 30m/100ft away.
Genuine Leather
Beautifully crafted from genuine leather. A perfect blend of style and tech.
Charge Reminder
If you have low battery, don’t worry, we’ll remind you when you get home.
RFID Blocking
With this wallet comes peace of mind. RFID blocking ensures your cards are safe.
Find your phone
Find your wallet
Separation alarm
Last known location
Orbit Net Crowd Finder
Rechargeable 2500mAh Battery
Built in cables
Built-in speaker
Selfie remote
Compatible with iOS & Android
Charge reminder
Genuine leather
RFID blocking
Fits 8 cards
Orbit App
Get the Orbit app free from
the App Store or Google Play

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