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Orbit Glasses

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Find your glasses with your smartphone

Orbit Glasses is the world's smallest tracker. Simply stick it to your glasses and you will never have to look for them again. In most cases, Orbit Glasses will fit on the inside of the arm, keeping it discreet so no one will notice.

Make your glasses ring if in range or check their last known GPS location on a map.

With its long lasting rechargeable battery, you will never need to replace anything!

The height of the frames needs to be at least 4mm/0.16" to fit your Orbit

For iPhone, we recommend Orbit X Glasses with Apple Find My


• Find your glasses

• Last seen GPS location on a map

• Rechargeable battery

• Battery life up to 1 months

• Separation Alarm

• Built-in 90db speaker

• Free app for iOS and Android

• OrbitNet crowdfinding

• Works with Alexa


Length: 28mm / 1.2" 
Thickness: 5mm / 0.2" 
Weight: 10g / 0.35oz 
Compatibility: iPhone 4s and later, Android 5 and above


• 1 x USB charging cable

• 3 x 3M double sided adhesive

Find your glasses with your phone

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    John C.
    United States United States

    Saving time

    Very good. I did have to reset the unit before it would charge properly. But no biggie. Works well and saves me much from searching for eyewear.

    United States United States

    Amazing for kids

    I bought this for my daughter who always loses her glasses. This was amazing!!!! I’m buying more for my self and her.

    United States United States


    Product is great. It rings. It searches. It finds. Mostly. Which is way better than other ones I’ve tried. I need a new one and am reconsidering whether to buy this again or another. There’s really no warning that the power is dimming. I started getting a sporadic buzz from phone/unit looking for each other. The range could be longer/deeper? And like with other units I’ve purchased it can’t let you know if you’re item is in the floor you’re on or the one below. The notification does not wane or get stronger as you near the object or the floor. It is, by far, still one of the better units I’ve purchased. I know it’s a relatively new company but can the new one come with some type of laser zap to guide you in the right direction? Or an arrow pointing toward the cardinal point, east/west/north/south, so we know YES! It’s in this floor, to the right or, darn, I have to go the the attic or basement… “uhm, maybe i don’t need to see right now” also a ‘fuel me up Scotty’ for those who work long long hours and leave their glasses at another site… maybe add a gingerly Zap to bring you back - oh wait the phone alerts by Can we make that a direct approach. I keep my family well amused looking for the glasses - oh and expand the range. Oops went long! They offer great assistance in locating glasses. I’m just greedy and want the unit to learn the house. Direct me the last location. (I’m lazy and forgetful. Not their fault. Overall, it has been the best “Thing” Finder I’ve purchased… thus far. Come up with an enhancement and I’m there… again. I know. .. five stars and I want more. What can I write. I was born that way. Healthy happy every day!

    Jennifer C.
    United States United States

    Saved: Marriage & Life for <$45

    Best purchase ever- I have used my original unit for 4+ years now. When I passed 40- I needed glasses to see far away- thus taking them off throughout the day to asses patients/see computer/ write etc. The hospital setting where I would visit many rooms was my biggest challenge. I would place them down in a in patient’s room, nurses desk/ etc, then realize I couldn’t see when I needed to drive away. A lanyard for the glasses was not an option. The time I spent backtracking, looking for my glasses added up. I ran late for everything- frustrating my spouse while the household often joined in the search. I realized even the nurses at the hospital floor would ask me- if I had my glasses as they too would help me search rooms to find my glasses. I realized I desperately needed a solution. I searched and discovered Orbit for $45- so I gave it a try. Best money I EVER spent!! The “ring my glasses function” is excellent!!! The separation alarm also allows you to set places like home/office so if you move past your preset limit (mine 300 feet) - throughout the day it won’t alarm in that space- yet you can manually ring them if needed. Battery life- I run this continuously in the background- with iPhone app. I am prompted to charge every 10 to 20 days and it doesn’t seem to greatly impact my phone battery either. I have reclaimed all that time spent searching. I highly recommend Orbit and have already stocked up with replacements!!!

    United States United States

    Best option available

    The concept is great, the app is great. I have geo fences around my office and house and if I leave home or work without glasses, my phone alerts me. The downside- just a tiny bit too thick. Barely presses against my temple. I’ve gotten used to it. The upside, that tiny bit of pressure keeps glasses from sliding down nose. I experimented with putting on outside end, behind ear. Would have worked perfect for short hair people. Grabbed my long hair going on and off. The hinges of my glasses are slightly raised and go down the frame about an inch. If this wasn’t the case, would have made a perfect fit. At next pair of glasses, I will take notice of hinges and get something that works better, cause I believe in this product/app as a solution to constantly seeking where I left my glasses around the house.