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Orbit Stick-On


Stick it, Find it and Take a Selfie.

Orbit Stick-On is perfect for all those items you can't afford to lose. Ideal for remote controls, laptops, tools, guitar etc. And with the keyring attachment, use it on your keys, backpacks, luggage etc...

Using the app make your Orbit ring or check it's last known GPS location. Orbit can also find your phone by making it ring even on silent, or use it as a selfie remote.

With a replaceable battery there is no need to buy a new one every year.


• Find your keys or anything else you can stick it to

• Find your phone (even on silent)

• Last seen GPS location on a map

• Selfie remote

• Replaceable battery

• Battery life up to 9 months

• Separation Alarm

• Built-in 90db speaker

• Free app for iOS and Android

• OrbitNet crowdfinding

•Works with Alexa


Diameter: 28mm / 1.2" 
Thickness: 5mm / 0.2" 
Weight: 10g / 0.35oz 
Compatibility: iPhone 4s and later, Android 5 and above


• a keyring

• one extra battery

Find everything, Find your phone